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There are no set-up charges for basic text-only designs using stock fonts that we have on our system. If you do not have a specific logo for your business, team, or organization, we can supply you with a design from our extensive library of stock designs. This is an affordable alternative to custom work, because you do not have to pay for the digitizing of your original design.

Type of Garments

Garments suitable for embroidery include:
  • Shirts (short sleeved, long sleeved, polo, denim, twill, etc.)
  • Jackets (windbreakers, warm-ups, fleece, winter, rain gear, etc.)
  • Uniforms (shirt,apron,hats)
  • Hats (low profile, garment dyed, etc.)
  • Bags (gym, team,tote,)
  • Towels ( golf, robes, monograms)
  • Linens (bed, kitchen, blankets- fleece)
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What is digitizing?
Digitizing is the process of converting your hard copy logo "clean or camera ready art" or design to a digitized computer software embroidery file. Once your design is in this form it can be sewn out by a computerized embroidery machine. In other words, it is taking a picture and turning it into stitches.

Digitizing fees are a one-time fee. Once your logo has been digitized it is on-file here at Pro Stitch of Cape Cod and can be applied to any item. The digitized logo can be resized up and down about 15% without any need to redigitize. The normal range for digitizing fees is $50.00 for a smaller left chest or hat sized logo(approx. 3,000-6,000 stitches) to 100.00 for a larger or more stitch-intensive design.(up to 12,000 stitches) Jacket back logos which are large and contain approx. 40-50,000 stitches or more are approx. $150.00-200.00. All logos can be quoted for a digitizing estimate price before ordering.

Screen printing and Ad specialty products

Both of these services are offered by Pro Stitch of Cape Cod.
Please call or email to ask for additional info.

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